Durance Perfumed soap Radiant Camellia 125 gr


Special Ingredient: RADIANT CAMELLIA,
Formulated with sweet almond oil
Flavour: Subtle, Musky, Powdery
Used for: Body Moisturizing (no oily feeling)
Apply once a day.
12 months (best use period)

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Durance Perfumed soap Radiant Camellia

Introducing Durance Perfumed Soap Radiant Camellia, a luxurious and aromatic addition to your daily skincare routine. Immerse yourself in the captivating essence of Radiant Camellia, a fragrance that evokes the blooming beauty of delicate camellia blossoms.

Durance Perfumed Soap Radiant Camellia is a premium soap crafted with care to provide a sensorial bathing experience. Enriched with the enchanting fragrance of Radiant Camellia, this soap not only cleanses but also leaves your skin delicately scented, creating a pampering ritual for both body and mind.



Delicate Fragrance: Radiant Camellia offers a gentle and floral scent that envelopes the senses.

Moisturizing Formula: The soap is enriched with moisturizing ingredients to leave the skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Luxurious Lather: It produces a rich and creamy lather that cleanses the skin effectively.

Long-lasting Scent: The fragrance lingers on the skin long after use, providing a lingering freshness.

Primary Components:

Primary Components:

Camellia Extracts: Derived from camellia flowers, these extracts offer nourishment and a subtle fragrance.

Glycerin: Known for its moisturizing properties, glycerin helps to hydrate the skin, leaving it supple and smooth.

Essential Oils: Natural essential oils are incorporated to infuse the soap with its distinctive floral scent.

Vegetable-Based Ingredients: Durance soaps often use vegetable oils such as palm oil, coconut oil, or olive oil as base ingredients for a gentle cleansing experience.

How to Use:

Wet the Skin: Before application, ensure the skin is thoroughly wet.

Lather Up: Rub the soap between your hands or directly onto the skin to create a rich lather.

Massage: Gently massage the lather onto your body, focusing on areas that need cleansing.

Rinse Off: Rinse away the lather with warm water, ensuring all soap residue is removed.

Pat Dry: After rinsing, gently pat the skin dry with a towel to retain moisture.

Enjoy the Fragrance: Bask in the lingering fragrance of Radiant Camellia on your refreshed skin throughout the day.


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