Mustela Cicastela Repairing Cream 40ml for Irritated Skin


Skin Type: Irritated

Appropriate for Age Group: Infants And Children’s

Special Ingredients: Avocado, Castor Oil, Shea Butter

Used for: Dehydrated, Damaged, And Dried Skin Areas

Product Type: Non-greasy Cream for Infants and Children’s Skin


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Mustela Cicastela Repairing Cream 40ml for Irritated Skin

It is the perfect mending cream for any minor injuries sustained by children and babies. Avocado fruit extract, which protects the skin barrier and maintains the richness of skin cells, is added to the formula to enhance its ability to promote high-quality skin restoration. Additionally, panthenol relieves irritation while copper, zinc, and other minerals have an antimicrobial effect, cleaning the skin. A non-greasy, non-sticky protective layer is also left behind by this Mustela Repairing Cream. The applicator on the tube makes it possible to apply the substance locally as well. Suitable for all types of minor skin irritations and redness, such as mouth cracks, scars, scratches, diaper redness, chickenpox traces, and insect bites. The purpose of this cream’s formulation is to hydrate and heal the skin of infants and young children. The cream is difficult to apply because of its thick nature, which can also make your baby’s skin feel sticky. However, the cream’s thick viscosity also means that it is extremely moisturizing and can aid in skin restoration. This cream aids in both the restoration of already damaged skin as well as the defense against additional injury. For those who frequently experience skin conditions, it is a very useful cream.



Texture: cream;
Skin conditions include itchy skin, redness, skin folds, scratches, chickenpox marks, and insect bites;
Morning and evening are the best times to apply;
Age: 0+;
A range of skin tones;
Repairs, soothes, and sanitizes the skin are the main advantages;
fragrance-free formulation.

Primary Components

Hyaluronic acid and glycerin hydrate the skin while fostering skin healing, which results in skin smoothness;
The richness of skin cells is preserved and the skin barrier is protected by avocado fruit extract;
Because of their antibacterial properties, copper and zinc sanitize the skin;
The uncomfortable symptoms are promptly relieved by panthenol.

How to apply

After washing the region, apply Mustela Repairing Cream twice daily to the affected area. Consult a doctor if the issue continues.


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