Gilbert Physiodose Physiological Saline Solution 30 x 5ml



Physiodose Saline Solution is recommended for babies, children and adults for nasal hygiene, ocular hygiene, cleaning wounds and for inhalation in aerosoltherapy.

Nasal hygiene
– Ocular hygiene
– Ear hygiene
– Wounds cleansing
– Solvent for inhalation

Nasal and ocular hygiene are mandatory in order to prevent winter pathologies and allergies.

The Physiological Serum, presented in sterile Unidosis guaranty:
– the hygiene in complete security
– an easy use

For babies, children, and adults
– The product can be used from birth as well as young children
– No chemicals, no preservatives, and no side-effects

Regardless of the season, your age or where you live, your body has to fight off all kinds of external aggression. The nasal mucosa is a natural barrier that helps fight against infectious agents (bacteria, viruses, pollution…). Mucus and the impurities that it absorbs can stop it from working properly, leading to superinfection of the ENT (ear, nose & throat).

It is important to adopt a good nasal hygiene routine starting at a very young age, just as important as proper dental hygiene and personal hygiene.

Physiodose offers a range of products specifically designed for nasal hygiene in adults and in babies.

Physiodose is the number-1 selling saline solution in pharmacies.

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Sodium Chloride, Purified Water.


Nasal hygiene:

Lean your head back and insert the end into a nostril to deliver a dose.
Squeeze the solution gently into the nose.
Do the same for the other nostril.
You may lean your head forward again and allow the solution to flow out.
Do not heavily blow your nose for a few minutes afterwards to allow it to set in.

Eye solution:

This solution can be used via trickling, direct application or while cleansing.
Due to the risk of rapid bacterial contamination, any open dose must not be stored for more than 24 hours.


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