Uriage Hyseac Renovating Serum 40ml



The concentrated anti-blemishes booster. This serum combines powerful dermatological active ingredients into an ultra-light and quickly absorbed gel texture to get visible results after 7 days! Proven efficacity on acne-prone skin.

REDUCES BLEMISHES With a combination of 3 exclusive patents and matifying Zinc, it acts quickly to reduce blemishes and prevent them from relapses.

REFINES SKIN TEXTURE & NATURAL GLOW ENHANCER Its formula combines AHA keratoregulators [Malic + Lactic + Glycolic acids] and a Pore refiner Plant Extract to refine skin texture and enhance a glowing complexion.

MOISTURIZES With Uriage Thermal Water, it leaves the skin moisturized and comfortable.

WE LOVE : Its ultra-light gel texture that breaks into water on the skin and penetrates instantly !

Visible results after 7 days : Blemishes reduced 100%, Pores tightened 94%(1) Anti-Recurrence effectiveness one month after last use: -23% Blackheads & Micro-cysts.(2) Skin Cleaned 100% (3) (1) Clinical Study – 17 volunteers – Acne-prone skin. % of satisfaction. Results after 7 days of twice-daily application Hyséac serum. (2) Results after 56 days of twice-daily application of the Hyséac serum 28 days follow up without application. Lesions counted by the dermatologist. (3) % of satisfaction.


3 Patents (TLR2-REGUL, MPA-REGUL, LICORICE) – AHA Complex 6% (Malic, Glycolic, Lactic acids)- Pore Refiner Plant Extract – Zinc – Uriage Thermal Water Face – Non- comedogenic


Apply morning and/or evening on a cleansed skin.


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