Uriage Bariesun Mineral Cream SPF50+100ml


Skin Type: All Skin Types

Age Range: Adult

Special Ingredients: Uriage Thermal Water 100% mineral anti-UVA-UVB filtering complex Aquaspongines Stabilized Vitamin C and Vitamin E

Used for: Face, Body

About Product: Very High Protection

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Uriage Bariesun Mineral Cream SPF50+ is an extremely effective, 100% mineral sunscreen that shields the skin from UVA and UVB rays, free radicals, dryness, and dehydration. This solution, which has a special combination of Vitamins E and C, works to fend off the negative effects of sun exposure and prevent photoaging. In order to provide the skin with the best possible hydration throughout the day, the addition of Uriage Thermal Water guarantees that this cream is readily absorbed and accepted by the skin.

A treatment that offers your skin the best protection is Uriage Cream SPF50+. It has a mixture of mineral filters and other sunblocking ingredients. Sensitive skin that cannot tolerate chemical filters responds well to this treatment. It can be utilized by the entire family and is appropriate for infants as young as six months. This cream  has a creamy texture that makes it simple to use. It is pleasant to wear and leaves no white scars. It is waterproof and does not require regular replacement. You will be able to spend the summer stress-free thanks to this.

  • Creamy in texture;
  • Skin problems: photoaging, dryness and dehydration, sensitivity, and sun exposure;
  • Before exposure to the sun, apply;
  • Age: 10+;
  • Skin type: normal to dry, sensitive skin included;
  • The main advantages are that it delivers extremely strong UVA/UVB ray protection, protects skin cells from free radicals, offers intensive hydration, 100% mineral filters are well accepted by sensitive skin, the formula is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, and the SPF is 50+;
  • Without alcohol, oil, scent, etc.

Primary Components

  • While vitamin C offers further defense against acute UVB damage, vitamin E guards against cell mutation brought on by sun exposure.
  • Uriage Thermal Water calms the skin and lessens discomfort-causing sensations because it is pure and naturally abundant in mineral salts and trace components.

How to apply

The area that will be exposed to the sun should be covered with a thick layer of Uriage Cream SPF50+  Apply sunscreen again frequently, especially after swimming, toweling off, or perspiring. Keep young children and infants away from the sun’s direct rays.

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