Uriage Baby 1st Moisturizing Milk 500ml


Skin Type: All skin types, Skincare for dry skin, Skincare for normal to dry skin

Age Range: Baby

Special Ingredients: Uriage Thermal Water + Organic Edelweiss

Used for: Face, Body

About Product: Daily Moisturizer

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Uriage Baby 1st Moisturizing Milk

is a daily hydration lotion that aids in soothing and safeguarding the sensitive skin of infants and youngsters. With a special recipe, Uriage-Baby 1st Moisturizing Milk500ml not only moisturizes and softens the skin but also encourages a healthier skin barrier, boosting defenses against daily aggressors. It starts off with Uriage Thermal Water and Edelweiss Extract. Together, these active ingredients work to fortify the skin barrier and calm the skin, which relieves discomfort while also lessening the appearance of sensitivity. In addition, Shea Butter and Squalane serve to maintain the skin’s hydration and softness, giving a feeling of all-day comfort.

  • Lotion texture
  • Skin problems include dryness and daily hydration;
  • One or two times every day, depending on the application;
  • Age: 0+;
  • A range of skin tones;
  • Main advantages: deeply hydrates, calms, and softens the skin; encourages a healthier skin barrier; improves the skin’s defense against daily aggressions; provides a feeling of long-lasting comfort; is simple to apply and quickly absorbed; is appropriate for both the face and body; formula contains 97% natural ingredients;
  • Alcohol and parabens were left out of the formula.

Primary Components

  • Antioxidant and calming effects are provided by edelweiss extract. It lessens sensitivity symptoms and aids in skin barrier strengthening;
  • Along with offering deep hydration, shea butter can help the skin to regenerate and calm down. The skin barrier becomes healthier as a result, and the skin is more comfortable;
  • Uriage Thermal Water is distinguished by its purity as well as its natural source of mineral salts and trace elements. It soothes the skin and lessens pain perception;
  • Vegetable Squalane helps hydrate the skin without leaving a noticeable film.

How to apply

Use Uriage Baby 1st Moisturizing Milk 500ml on your body and face once or twice daily. Gently massage after applying to dry, clean skin. It is a daily hydration lotion that aids in soothing and safeguarding the sensitive skin of infants and youngsters.

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