Uriage Baby 1st Cold Cream 75ml

Uriage-Baby 1st Cold Cream

Uriage Baby 1st Cold Cream 75ml


The baby‘s skin is very delicate and needs special care, which is why Uriage has created its Baby 1st Cold Cream. This cream has a rich, creamy texture that is quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving it feeling soft and silky.

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Uriage Baby 1st Cold Cream

is a very nourishing cream that supports soothing and defense for the tender skin of infants and young children. It has a special recipe that enables it to deeply nourish, calm, and soften the skin while also fostering a healthy skin barrier and providing comfort to the skin. It has a wealth of lipid replenishing actives that can deeply nourish the skin and aid in reestablishing the hydrolipidic film. The skin barrier is strengthened as a result, improving defense against common aggressors including wind and cold. Overall, it is a useful product that can assist in fast preserving the sensitive skin of infants and young children. It nourishes, calms, and protects the skin while offering immediate and long-lasting relaxation.

  • Creamy in texture;
  • Hydration, pain, dryness, and sensitivity of the skin on a daily basis;
  • The morning, or the rest of the day if necessary;
  • Age: 0+;
  • Dry to very dry skin type;
  • Main advantages: deeply nourishes, calms, and softens the skin. It also encourages a healthier skin barrier. It improves the skin’s defense against daily aggressors. It is suitable for the face, body, and hands. Its formula contains 96% ingredients of natural origin. Its packaging is eco-friendly, with a 100% recyclable box and 100% recyclable aluminium tube.
  • Without alcohol, fragrance, or parabens in the formulation.

Primary Components

  • Antioxidant and calming qualities are present in edelweiss extract. It lessens sensitivity symptoms and aids in skin barrier strengthening;
  • Water is drawn to and bound to the skin by glycerin, which keeps the skin moisturized and protected from irritants in the environment. It offers irritant defense and aids in skin barrier recovery.
  • The skin can be both deeply nourished and calmed by jojoba and sunflower oils. They give the skin long-lasting comfort by protecting and softening it;
  • Pure and naturally abundant in mineral salts and trace elements, Uriage Thermal Water is a great source of health benefits. It eases pain and calms the skin;
  • Vegetable Squalane aids in hydrating the skin without leaving an obtrusive film.
How to apply

After cleansing and drying the skin, apply Uriage Baby 1st Cold Cream 75ml. until thoroughly absorbed, gently massage. Apply in the morning or at any time during the day as necessary. This useful item can be used on the face, body, and hands of the newborn to immediately protect their skin.

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