Uriage Baby 1st Cleansing Cream 500ml


Skin Type: All skin types, Skincare for normal to dry skin

Age Range: Baby

Special Ingredients: Uriage Thermal Water + Organic Edelweiss

Used for: Face, Body

About Product: Cleanses, Nourishes & Softens.

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Uriage Baby 1st Cleansing Cream

Uriage Baby 1st Cleansing Cream is a gentle daily uriage cleanser with a nourishing mix that calms and shields the tender skin of infants and young children. Uriage Baby 1st Cleansing Cream 500ml has been specially created to gently cleanse the skin without drying, and it is full of active substances that will help strengthen the skin barrier, alleviating irritation and minimizing sensitive indications. It is a handy product that can be used on the face, body, and hair. It also soothes and protects the fragile skin of infants and young children on a daily basis. All in all, it may nourish and gently wash the skin, leaving it soft and supple for all-day comfort.


  • Texture: cream;
  • Skin problems: pain, dryness, and everyday washing;
  • One or two times every day, depending on the application;
  • Age: 0+;
  • All range of skin tones;
  • Main advantages: softly cleanses the skin without drying it out; comforts, soothes, and also protects the delicate skin of babies and children; leaves the skin soft and supple; is a practical product suited for face, body, and hair; formula contains 92% elements of natural origin;
  • Alcohol, parabens, and sulphates weren’t used in the formulation.

Principal Components

  • Antioxidant and calming effects are present in edelweiss extract. It lessens sensitivity symptoms and aids in enhancing the skin barrier;
  • The skin is kept moisturized and protected from irritants from the environment by glycerin’s ability to draw water to it and bind it to the surface. It helps to rebuild the skin barrier and offers irritant protection.
  • Shea Butter may soothe and repair skin in addition to providing intense hydration. It soothes the skin and results in a skin barrier that is healthier;
  • Pure and naturally abundant in mineral salts and trace elements, Uriage Thermal Water is a great source of health benefits. It eases irritation and calms the skin.

How to apply

To the baby’s wet skin, apply Uriage Baby 1st Cleansing Cream 500ml. To make a lather, gently massage the area. After that, give yourself a good rinse with warm water. It is a useful product that may be used on the body, face, and hair.

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