Theodent Classic – Whitening Crystal Mint

Theodent Classic – Whitening Crystal Mint


Theodent Classic Whitening Crystal Mint is an allnatural toothpaste that uses the power of theobromine to help keep your teeth looking their best. It also contains fluoride to help prevent cavities and is available in a variety of flavors to suit your taste.

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  • Gentle & Effective Remineralizing Toothpaste: Rennou is used in Theodent Classic toothpaste. Through rapid and effective enamel remineralization, this potent compound can increase enamel hardness.
  • Relieves Sensitive Teeth: By promoting rapid remineralization, this all-natural toothpaste relieves the discomfort of enamel hypersensitivity while also whitening the surface enamel.
  • Alternative to Fluoride: With growing concern about fluoride’s harmful effects, Theodent provides an even better alternative: Rennou. Theodent Classic’s primary goal is to safely strengthen and repair tooth enamel.
  • The Natural Power: Rennou is the non-toxic active ingredient in all Theodent products. Rennou contains theobromine, an incredible compound with numerous health benefits derived from the cacao plant, the source of chocolate.
  • Theodent is One Step Ahead: Clinical studies have shown that Theodent toothpaste remineralizes surface enamel more effectively than other toothpastes on the market. Furthermore, Theodent strives to be the industry leader in innovative enamel remineralization technology.


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