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Mustela Stretch Marks Oil 105ml

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Skin Type: Maternity Skincare.

Appropriate For Age Group: Pregnant womens.

Special Ingredient:  Avocado oil & sunflower oil

Used For: Body

Product Form: oil.

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987 in stock

Mustela Stretch Marks Oil 105ml

has been created specifically to stop stretch marks from developing during pregnancy. Only 4 natural substances total, all of which are included in its formulation. In the beginning, essential fatty acid-rich avocado oil aids in restoring and maintaining the hydrolipidic film that was weakened during pregnancy; hyaluronic acid complex and maracuja oil concentrate give the skin elasticity, preventing stretch marks; and essential fatty acid-rich organic sunflower oil moisturizes the skin.Read more..

Finally, vitamin E, which is a component of the product, replenishes the skin and gives it a soothing feeling after use. This product is excellent for massage because of the way its thick texture applies to the skin. In the end, this oil leaves the skin feeling satiny soft and supple. There are many benefits associated with using Mustela Stretch Marks Oil. These benefits include helping to improve the appearance of stretch marks, helping to reduce the appearance of scars, and helping to improve the overall health of the skin. Additionally, this oil can help to improve the elasticity of the skin and can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


Characteristics: Oily texture
Stretch marks are a skin condition.
Application times are in the morning and evening;
Age: 15+;
A variety of skin tones;
The skin is moisturized, its elasticity is improved, and it is soothed;
Fragrance-free in the formulation.


Primary Components: Avocado oil’s abundance in essential fatty acids contributes to the restoration and maintenance of the hydrolipidic film, which was weakened during pregnancy;
Stretch marks appear less noticeable thanks to maracuja oil concentrate and hyaluronic acid complex’s ability to give the skin suppleness;
Organic sunflower oil encourages skin hydration and is high in important fatty acids;
As a natural antioxidant, vitamin E works.


How to apply: Make use of Mustela Stretch Marks Oil Fragrance. On the chest, hips, thighs, and breasts in the morning and evening, free. It shouldn’t be used on recent caesarean scars or breasts that are nursing. fast dressing is possible.



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