Mustela Melting Massage Balm 90g x 2 for Normal Skin


Skin Type: Normal

Appropriate for Age Group: Babies out of NICU

Special Ingredients: Avocado oil

Used for: Body

Product Form: Melting Balm

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Mustela Melting Massage Balm

It is a massage tool that moisturizes and hydrates the baby’s skin. Because of its melting texture, you can give the infant a soothing massage whenever you want for a particular moment of bonding. Mustela Melting Massage Balm melts over the baby’s skin and has a straightforward nine-ingredient recipe that is 100% natural.Read more..

The skin is left feeling soft and hydrated after using organic sunflower oil. In addition, organic glicerin works to seal in moisture by providing both short-term and long-term hydration. Apply it on dry skin, give a gentle massage, and give the infant a nice, tranquil moment. The purpose of this massage balm is to increase circulation while also reducing pain, stiffness, and muscle strain. It also gives off a calming effect while moisturizing the skin. It is also very beneficial for enhancing the appearance of the skin. The Balm helps to make the skin incredibly silky and smooth. Additionally, it is quite beneficial for making the skin incredibly soft. The Balm is very beneficial in making the skin extremely fair and lovely.

Characteristics: Balm-like texture
Skin problems: regular body moisturizing, soothing massage;
Applying in the morning or evening;
Age: 3m+;
Skin type: all skin types;
The main advantages are that the melting texture allows for a soothing massage and simultaneously nourishes and moisturizes the skin. When it comes into touch with water, it changes into a gently milky texture that is excellent for baby and mother skin.
Alcohol was left out of the formula.

Primary Components: The skin is moisturized and feels smooth after using organic sunflower oil;
Organic glicerin works to seal in moisture by hydrating both immediately and over time.

How to apply: Mustela Melting Massage Balm should be applied sparingly and gently massaged into the baby’s dry skin. The product turns into a mild cleansing milk when it comes in touch with water.

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