Mustela Gel Arnica & Calendula Bio 100ml

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Skin Type: Irritated Skincare ( Special care )

Appropriate for Age Group:  nine months & above

Special Ingredients:  Arnica flower

Used for: Body (Affected skin)

Product Form: Gel.

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991 in stock

Mustela Gel Arnica & Calendula Bio 100ml

Mustela Gel Arnica & Calendula Bio features a vegan recipe made up of 97% elements from natural sources and was especially created to ease pain and itchiness in the case of tiny wounds. Arnica, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects to aid the body’s natural healing processes, is a component of it.Read more..

Containing potent anti-inflammatory and therapeutic qualities from calendula, which helps prevent, lessen, and soothe discomfort and irritability. Additionally, it contains a lot of glycerin, which protects the skin from irritation caused by the environment and helps to keep the skin hydrated. It is great to lessen discomfort and irritability in case of small and superficial wounds in the event of hits, shocks, or falls since it has a special combination of natural components that can calm, hydrate, and refresh the skin. Mustela Arnica & Calendula Gel has a texture that is neither oily nor sticky, may be applied to children as young as nine months old, and is perfect to keep in your pharmaceutical kit.

Characteristics: Gel-like texture
Skin conditions: minor cuts and scrapes caused by collisions, shocks, or falls;
Application period: all day long;
9+ months of age;
Skin type: all skin types, sensitive skin included;
Main advantages: decreases discomfort and irritability; soothes, hydrates, and also refreshes the skin; has a non-greasy and non-sticky texture; is vegan and contains components with a 97% natural origin; has been dermatologist and pediatrician tested;
Alcohol, fragrance, parabens, silicones, and sulphates were not used in the formulation.

How to apply: Two to three times a day, gently massage the afflicted regions with Mustela Arnica & Calendula Gel.

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