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Filorga Oxygen Glow Mask 75ml

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  • Filorga Oxygen-Glow [Mask]: Express face mask.
  • Goal: Perfects complexion, boosts radiance.
  • Formula: Energizes, plumps, detoxifies.
  • Active Ingredients: Nasturtium extract, hyaluronic acid, L-enzyme, gluconolactone, grapefruit extract, papain.
  • Skin Types: All.
  • Texture: Cream with illuminating pearls.
  • Formulation: 90% natural origin.
  • Results: Perfect skin in 10 minutes.
  • Tested: Dermatologically.

99 in stock

Filorga Oxygen Glow Mask 75ml

OXYGEN-GLOW [MASK] is an express enhancing mask for the face that acts to perfect uneven complexions while providing an instant radiance boost. The goal: flawless skin!Read more..

• Inspired by aesthetic medicine, its formula consists of a cocktail of energising, plumping, and detoxifying active ingredients [nasturtium extract oxygenation booster + hyaluronic acid +L-enzyme] for an intense perfecting effect. It simultaneously provides immediate enhancing action and express complexion-evening action thanks to a trio of peeling-effect active ingredients [gluconolactone, grapefruit extract + papain].

• Perfect for all skin types, this FILORGA express face mask has an iridescent cream texture thanks to its illuminating pearls.

• The FILORGA OXYGEN-GLOW [MASK] radiance face mask can be used three times a week, or daily as a 7-day treatment for an intense super-perfecting effect. On dry, cleansed skin, apply a generous layer of the mask over the entire face, neck and décolleté. Leave it to act for 10 minutes. Remove with a damp cotton pad.

• Formulated with 90% natural origin ingredients. Tested under dermatological control. Non-comedogenic.


Characteristics: Oxygen-Boosting Formula: Filorga Oxygen Glow Mask is infused with a unique oxygenating complex that stimulates cellular respiration, promoting a healthy and radiant glow.
Hydration Powerhouse: The mask’s rich formula is packed with hyaluronic acid, ensuring intense hydration to plump and smooth the skin’s surface, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Illuminating Micro-Particles: Tiny light-reflecting particles in the mask instantly brighten the skin, creating a natural, luminous finish that lasts.
Detoxification: This mask doesn’t just enhance radiance; it also detoxifies the skin, removing impurities and promoting a clearer complexion.
Gentle Exfoliation: Filorga Oxygen Glow Mask contains gentle exfoliating agents that slough away dead skin cells, encouraging cellular turnover for a fresher and more youthful appearance.


Primary Components: Oxygenating Complex: Boosts cellular respiration, invigorating the skin.
Hyaluronic Acid: Provides deep hydration, reducing the appearance of fine lines.
Micro-Particles: Light-reflecting particles for instant illumination.
Detoxifying Agents: Purify the skin by removing impurities.
Exfoliating Agents: Gently exfoliate for smoother, more radiant skin.


How to Use: Cleanse: Start with a clean, dry face.
Apply: Generously apply the Filorga Oxygen Glow Mask, avoiding the eye area.
Relax: Leave the mask on for the recommended time, allowing the powerful ingredients to work their magic.
Rinse: Gently rinse off the mask with lukewarm water.
Enjoy: Revel in your revitalized and glowing complexion.

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