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Filorga NCEF-Intensive Face Serum 30ml

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  • Filorga NCEF-Intensive Face Serum is a potent anti-aging serum.
  • Formulated with NCEF, a unique complex of revitalizing ingredients.
  • Boosts collagen production for improved skin firmness and elasticity.
  • Targets wrinkles, fine lines, and dullness for a more youthful complexion.
  • Provides intense hydration and a radiant glow to the skin.

100 in stock

Filorga NCEF-Intensive – Anti-ageing Retinol Face Serum

Filorga NCEF-Intensive Face Serum is an advanced anti-ageing retinol face serum that targets multiple signs of ageing to enhance the overall quality of the skin.

It is formulated with a powerful blend of ingredients that work synergistically to provide visible results and improve skin texture, tone, and radiance.

Key Ingredients

Here are the main ingredients used in the product

NCEF Complex

A unique blend of revitalizing ingredients such as vitamins, amino acids, coenzymes, and antioxidants that help rejuvenate the skin and boost collagen production.


A form of vitamin A, known for its ability to stimulate cell turnover, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and improve skin texture.

Hyaluronic Acid

A moisturizing compound that helps plump and hydrate the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin C

A potent antioxidant that brightens the skin, evens out the complexion, and protects against environmental damage.


Also known as vitamin B3, it helps strengthen the skin’s barrier, improve texture, and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation.


Let’s have a look at the benefits

Wrinkle Reduction

The combination of retinol and NCEF Complex helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, promoting a smoother, youthful complexion.

Skin Firmness

Peptides and NCEF Complex work together to improve skin elasticity, enhancing firmness and reducing sagging.

Even Skin Tone

Vitamin C and niacinamide help fade dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and even out skin tone, resulting in a brighter, more radiant complexion.


The presence of hyaluronic acid helps provide intense hydration, plumping the skin for a smoother and more supple appearance.

Antioxidant Protection

The potent antioxidants present in the serum help protect the skin against free radicals, environmental damage, and premature ageing.

How to Use Filorga NCEF-Intensive Face Serum

Apply a few drops of Filorga NCEF-Intensive Face Serum to cleansed face and neck, both in the morning and evening. Massage gently into the skin until fully absorbed.

For optimal results, use as part of a daily skincare routine and follow up with a moisturizer and sunscreen during the day.


With regular use, Filorga NCEF-Intensive Face Serum visibly improves the overall quality of the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots.

The skin feels firmer, more radiant, and deeply hydrated, resulting in a more youthful and revitalized complexion.

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