Fillerina Lips and Mouth Grade 4-5ml

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  • Fillerina Lips and Mouth Grade 4 is a cosmetic product designed to enhance the volume and shape of the lips and mouth area.
  • It contains a blend of six hyaluronic acids with different molecular weights that work together to plump and hydrate the lips, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • This particular grade is formulated for those with more pronounced signs of ageing and loss of volume in the lips and mouth area.
  • The product uses a special applicator tip and should be used regularly for optimal results.
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Fillerina Lips and Mouth Grade 4

Fillerina Lips and Mouth Grade 4- Hyaluronic acid and collagen levels in the skin gradually decline over time, leading to flaws including diminished density and volume loss.

It shows up in the same way around the lips, but it also changes the contour and causes wrinkles to emerge around the mouth. Small vertical lines that begin at the contour of the top and lower lip are caused by smoking, which exacerbates the lines around the mouth.

Three low molecular weight collagen molecules and the eight unique Fillerina hyaluronic acids are included in the composition of the Fillerina Lip and Contour treatment, together with three absorption enhancers to ensure the most efficient transdermal absorption of the active components.

In order to achieve the filling and augmentation of the volume of the lips, the remodeling of the contour, and the diminution of the depth of the perimeter wrinkles, the composition is tailored to the particular needs of the area.

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It is recommended to repeat the treatment several times a year.

Application: Repeat the application 4-5 times during the day. Important: the gel must be applied on clean lips. Any feeling of itching on the skin after the application is due to the action of the product.

Fillerina how to apply Lips and Mouth Grade 4

Fillerina-Lips & Mouth Grade4 5ml product comes in a new specific brush-tip applicator that contains 5 ml of Gel. To correctly spread the product, rotate few times the mechanism on the top of the applicator to dispense the desired quantity of Gel.

Distribute it on both lips and on mouth contour. Wait for a couple of minutes to allow the penetration of the actives. Once the lip surface is dry, apply the lipstick or the lip gloss.

GRADE 4: For lips with marked emptying, very irregular texture and marked wrinkles on the mouth contour.

The Dosage: Fillerina Lips and Mouth has been formulated in 2 different increasing concentrations to be chosen according to the individual needs.

Warnings: dermo-cosmetic preparation for external use only, avoid contact with the eyes, do not swallow, do not inject, keep out of the reach of children, keep away from light and heat.

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