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Fillerina 12 Densifying-Filler Night Cream Grade 5-50ml

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Skin type: All skin types. To be used alone or together with other Fillerina products.(For tropical and external use only)

Age range: above 50.

Special ingredients: Hyaluronic acids, Collagens and Elastins.

Used for: Face

About product: Nourishing and restoring, with densifying-filler effect. ( Highly effective on Forehead wrinkles & Glabellar wrinkles)

Dermatologically tested for safety and efficacy.

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986 in stock

Fillerina Densifying-Filler Night Cream Grade5 – 50ml

In the fight against and prevention of more prominent signs of ageing, Fillerina Densifying-Filler Night Cream Grade5 proves to be an effective substitute for injectable cosmetics. In this way, the Fillerina Night-Cream Grade5-50ml cream hydrates, repairs, and rejuvenates the complexion over night, leaving it entirely smooth and radiant.Read more..

On the other hand, it works on Grade 5 signs of ageing, which include very deep, uneven fine lines and wrinkles all over the face, obvious sagging, and the need for much more volume in the cheekbones and lips.

Because of its patented composition’s deep skin penetration, our night cream with a densifying-filling effect assists with all of these issues and shows results immediately.


  • A smooth texture
  • Skin problems include very deep wrinkles (eye contour wrinkles, forehead lines, glabellar lines, nasolabial folds, and neck lines), overt signs of sagging, and a need for much more volume in the cheekbones and lips.
    Evening is the best time to apply;
  • Age: 50+;
  • All types of skin, including sensitive skin;
  • The primary advantages are as follows: has a filler effect on expression lines and wrinkles, replenishing and plumping the skin; lifts facial features; volumizes cheekbones and lips; offers a substitute for aesthetic medication injections; is suited for the most sensitive skin types, including rosacea-prone skin.

Primary Components

  • Twelve molecules of hyaluronic acid, with varying molecular weights and sizes, penetrate the layers of the skin very well. This makes it possible to achieve deep moisturization as well as volume effects on the cheekbones and lips as well as a filling effect on wrinkles and expression lines;
  • 3 Different-sized collagen molecules work to redensify the skin, restoring its strength and density;
  • Two different molecular weights of elastin help the skin restore its elasticity and suppleness.

How to Apply Fillerina Densifying-Filler Night Cream Grade5

Apply a tiny amount of Fillerina Night-Cream Grade5-50ml to your face and neck each night in the evening. To help the product absorb, lightly massage it. It can be applied either on its own or in conjunction with other Fillerina products.

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