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Fillerina 12 Densifying-Filler Eye Contour Cream Grade 3-15ml

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  • Fillerina 12 Densifying-Filler Eye Contour Cream Grade 3 is a cosmetic product designed to improve the appearance of the eye area, specifically targeting Grade 3 skin ageing.
  • Moderate wrinkles, volume loss, and mild skin laxity around the eyes typically characterize grade-3 skin ageing.
  • This cream contains a blend of hyaluronic acid and other active ingredients that work together to hydrate and plump the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and giving the eyes a more youthful, refreshed look.

“Use code TLS20 for 20% off!”


995 in stock

Fillerina 12 Densifying-Filler Eye Contour Cream Grade 3-15ml

Fillerina 12 Densifying-Filler Eye Contour Cream Grade 3 is an effective and affordable substitute for cosmetic injectables that targets ageing indications in the eye contour.

In particular, the texture of this tube-shaped cream easily adheres to the delicate skin around the eyes for optimal comfort.

The Grade 3 age indications, which include the first signs of wrinkles, fine lines, and drooping, are also the focus of this proprietary solution.

In this way, it deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin while also deeply restoring, densifying, and filling the skin with softened indications of ageing.

Additionally, a more awake aspect is given to the entire complexion as a result of an active look.

Researchers at Fillerina have created a proprietary Transdermal Technology that will enable this cream to effectively reach the skin’s deepest layers.

Based on the development of active substances, ranging in molecular weight from the smallest to the largest, this is the case. In other words, the chemicals are absorbed quicker and more effectively, and the cream’s anti-aging effects are stronger and more immediate.

Overall, the skin is replenished and plumped by this eye cream, which also lifts facial features and volumizes the upper and lower eyelids while filling in creases and expression lines.


  • Creamy in texture;
  • Skin conditions: early symptoms of sagging and fine lines and wrinkles;
  • Application times include the morning and/or evening;
  • Age: 25+;
  • Skin type: all skin types, sensitive skin included;
  • The following are its main advantages: suited for the most sensitive skin types, including rosacea-prone skin; has a filler effect on expression lines and wrinkles, refilling and plumping the skin around the eyes; lifts facial features.

Primary Components

  • The different skin layers can be penetrated more easily by 12 hyaluronic acid molecules of various sizes and weights. This enables not only a deep moisturizing action but also a filling effect for wrinkles and lines caused by facial expressions as well as a volume impact for the lips and cheekbones;
  • 3 Different-sized collagen molecules help the skin restore its strength and density by having a redensifying action;
  • Two elastin molecules with various molecular weights aid in regaining the suppleness and flexibility of the skin.

How to Apply Fillerina 12 Densifying-Filler Eye Contour Cream Grade 3

Apply a tiny amount of Fillerina-Eye-Contour Cream Grade3 around the eyes twice daily, in the morning and/or at night.

A light massage will help the product absorb. Both alone and in combination with other Fillerina products are acceptable uses.

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