Durance Soft Hand Cream Orange Blossom 30 ml


Special Ingredient: ORANGE BLOSSOM
Enriched with sweet almond oil and beeswax
95% ingredients of natural origin.
Flavour: Bright, Gentle, Powdery
Used for: Hand Cream
12 months (best use period)

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Durance Soft Hand Cream Orange Blossom

Indulge your senses with Durance Soft Hand Cream Orange Blossom. This luxurious hand cream combines the delicate fragrance of fresh orange blossoms with a velvety texture, leaving your hands feeling irresistibly soft and moisturized. Enriched with nourishing ingredients like shea butter and almond oil, it absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving any greasy residue. Infused with the uplifting scent of orange blossoms, it provides a sensory escape while delivering intense hydration to dry, tired hands. Pamper yourself daily with this delightful hand cream, and let its refreshing aroma transport you to a blossoming orchard with every application.


Additional Information

Durance Orange Blossom is a bouquet of white blossoms with bergamot, orange, and mandarin as well as the sweetness of neroli and orange blossom absolute blended with freshness and sparkling citrus notes over a musky, cosy, and vanilla base.

Durance's Les Eternelles

Durance describes the lovely, fragrant gardens in Provence and elsewhere and offers moving moments for every lady.

To produce distinctive fragrances, our expert perfumers from Grasse have chosen the most priceless ingredients from the finest sources.

Each perfume can be used with peace and all scents are free of CMR*. They are all made with substances that are at least 95% natural in origin.

*Fragrances lacking compounds listed as mutagens, carcinogens, or hazardous to reproductive substances = CMR


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