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Durance Scented Flower Refill – Wooden Flower

100 in stock


  • Made of 100% ingredients of natural origin.
  • Cheaper than buying a new box
  • +/- 1 month of diffusion
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100 in stock

Durance Scented Flower Refill – Wooden Flower :Rediscover the pleasure and elegance of flowers with this new range of scented wooden flower perfume diffusers. This scented accessory will decorate your home while dispensing a subtle fragrance. When placed in the bottle, the flower will absorb the fragrance by capillary and will release a delicate scent for at least a month. Read more..

Durance Cotton Flower:
All the gentle pleasure of cotton unveiled by a fragrance with musky notes, beautifully tender for a cocooning ambiance.

Explained by the nose:
If tenderness released a scent, this would be it…!

Library : Bedroom, bathroom, lounge, office
Season: All year
Family : Gentle
Ambiance: Soft and Cocooning


Captivating Fragrance: Infused with a carefully curated blend of high-quality essential oils, the Wooden Flower refill emanates a soothing and alluring fragrance, transforming your space into a haven of tranquility.
Long-lasting Aroma: The unique formulation ensures a long-lasting and consistent release of fragrance, allowing you to enjoy the delightful scent for an extended period.
Natural Appeal: Crafted with attention to detail, the Wooden Flower design adds a touch of natural beauty to your décor, seamlessly blending into any interior style.

Primary Components:

Wooden Flower: The central component is a meticulously crafted wooden flower that acts as both a decorative element and a diffusion medium for the scented oils.
Scented Oils: The refill contains a proprietary blend of scented oils, carefully selected for their aromatic qualities and ability to create a captivating ambiance.
Base Unit: The refill easily fits into the corresponding base unit, allowing for a hassle-free replacement process.

How to Use:

Insert the Refill: Place the Wooden Flower refill into the designated slot on the base unit, ensuring a secure fit.
Activate Diffusion: Turn on the base unit to initiate the diffusion process. The Wooden Flower will gently release the captivating fragrance into the air.
Adjust Fragrance Intensity: Tailor the intensity of the aroma by adjusting the settings on the base unit, allowing you to create the perfect olfactory experience for your space.
Replace as Needed: When the fragrance diminishes, easily replace the Wooden Flower refill to continue enjoying the delightful scent.

Immerse your surroundings in the timeless beauty and captivating fragrance of Durance Scented Flower Refill – Wooden Flower, making every moment at home a sensory delight.

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