Durance Scented Bouquet 100 ml Sea Mist

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  • Product Type: SCENTED BOUQUET
  • Special Ingredient: SEA MIST
  • Made of 100% ingredients of natural origin.
  • Flavour: Sea, Elegant, Fresh
  • Easy to use and refillable
  • Glass bottle of scents + 8 rattan sticks
  • +/- 1 month of diffusion

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100 in stock

The fragrant bouquet from Durance Scented Bouquet 100 ml Sea Mist
This Scented Bouquet, which is refined and exquisite, will continuously fill your house with the scent of the sea. The rattan sticks are artfully arranged in a glass bottle to absorb the fragrance and then release it gradually over several weeks.

Sea Mist is a perfume that combines exquisite woody tones that evoke the beach with crisp marine notes.

Described by the nose: Stroll down the seaside walk, feel the sea spray on your skin, and drink pure water from the Golden Isles while surrounded by a cedar forest that has a faint amber aroma.

Library: Living room, restroom
Spring to summer
Family: Light and Fruity
Ambience: Refreshing and energising

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