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Durance Scented Bouquet 100 ml Fig Milk

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“Use coupon code TLS20 for 20% off!”

100 in stock

Scented Bouquet 100 ml Fig Milk

The fragrant smell of Durance. This Scented Bouquet’s refined and beautiful scent will fill your house with luxurious, milky overtones all the time. The rattan sticks are artfully arranged in a glass bottle to absorb the fragrance and then release it gradually over several weeks.

The fig tree’s wood, leaves, and milky sap combine to create the incredibly sweet and delicious scent known as “Fig Milk.”

Simply put: Relive an exquisitely carefree moment, just long enough to take a nap beneath a fig tree.

Reading room, kitchen
Spring to summer
Family: Delicious and Fruity
Relaxed and excellent atmosphere

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