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Durance Room Spray 100 ml Marseille Soap

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Product Type: ROOM SPRAY
Special Ingredient: Marseille Soap
Made of 100% natural origin.
Flavour: Fresh, Aromatic, Cocooning
Convenient and easy to use
spreads with an intense fragrance
+/- 80 uses

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100 in stock

Elevate your senses and indulge in the timeless charm of Durance Marseille Soap Room Spray. Experience the essence of Marseille Soap in every spritz. Infused with the iconic fragrance of the Mediterranean, this room spray brings a touch of sophistication to any space. The refreshing blend of citrus notes, delicate florals, and hints of lavender evoke the tranquil ambiance of the French countryside. Just a few sprays effortlessly transform your home into a sanctuary of relaxation and elegance. Created with the finest ingredients, this room spray not only masks odors but also adds a subtle, long-lasting fragrance.Read more..

Characteristics: Refreshing fragrance reminiscent of Marseille soap.
Designed to eliminate odors and freshen the air.
Crafted with high-quality ingredients for long-lasting scent.
Comes in a convenient spray bottle for easy application.
Non-toxic formula suitable for use around the home.
Leaves behind a clean and invigorating aroma.
Primary Components: Fragrance compounds inspired by Marseille soap.
Purified water as a solvent.
Emulsifiers to ensure even distribution of fragrance.
Preservatives to maintain product shelf life.
Propellant to facilitate spray application.
Optional natural extracts for additional benefits.
How to Use: Shake the bottle well before use to ensure proper mixing of ingredients.
Hold the bottle upright and aim the nozzle away from your face and body.
Spray 2-3 pumps of the room spray into the air in the center of the room.
Avoid spraying directly onto fabrics, furniture, or delicate surfaces.
Allow the mist to settle and enjoy the refreshing aroma that fills the space.
Reapply as needed to maintain a pleasant scent throughout the day.
Store the room spray in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight for optimal longevity.

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