Durance Room Spray 100 ml Fresh Linen


Product Type: ROOM SPRAY
Special Ingredient: FRESH LINEN
Made of 100% natural origin.
Flavour: Fresh, Bright, Sunny
Convenient and easy to use
spreads with an intense fragrance
+/- 80 uses

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Durance Room Spray Fresh Linen

Introducing Durance Room Spray Fresh Linen, the perfect solution for instantly refreshing your living spaces with a crisp, clean scent reminiscent of freshly laundered linens blowing in the breeze. Crafted with care, this room spray envelops your home in a delightful aroma, effortlessly eliminating odors and leaving a long-lasting fragrance behind. With just a spritz, transform any room into a sanctuary of serenity and purity. Whether you’re hosting guests or simply indulging in a moment of relaxation, let Durance Room Spray Fresh Linen elevate your surroundings with its invigorating essence. Experience the bliss of a breath of fresh air in every spray.


Refreshing scent reminiscent of clean, freshly laundered linen.
Designed to eliminate unwanted odors and create a welcoming ambiance in any room.
Formulated with high-quality ingredients for a long-lasting fragrance.
Convenient spray bottle for easy application.

Primary Components:

Fragrance oils: Blend of floral and clean notes to replicate the scent of fresh linen.
Propellant: Helps disperse the fragrance evenly when sprayed.
Solvents: Assist in the dispersion of fragrance and quick drying after application.
Emulsifiers: Ensure the uniform distribution of fragrance throughout the solution.

How to Use:

Shake the bottle well before use to mix the ingredients properly.
Hold the bottle upright and spray towards the center of the room, aiming for high-traffic areas.
Avoid spraying directly onto fabrics, furniture, or delicate surfaces.
Use as needed to freshen up the room or eliminate unwanted odors.
Enjoy the uplifting and invigorating scent of fresh linen lingering in your space.


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