Durance Room spray 100 ml Fig Milk


Product Type: ROOM SPRAY
Special Ingredient: FIG MILK
Made of 100% natural origin.
Flavour: Gourmet, Exquisite, Milky
Convenient and easy to use
spreads with an intense fragrance
+/- 80 uses

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Durance Room Spray Fig Milk

Introducing Durance Room Spray Fig Milk, an enchanting blend of nature’s finest scents to elevate your home ambiance. Infused with the lush essence of ripe figs and creamy milk, this room spray creates an inviting atmosphere that lingers delicately in the air. Let the warm, fruity notes of fig intertwine with the comforting embrace of milk, transforming any space into a sanctuary of tranquility and sophistication. With just a spritz, indulge in the luxurious fragrance that brings a touch of elegance to every corner of your home. Elevate your surroundings with Durance Room Spray Fig Milk and embrace pure indulgence.


Fragrance: Offers a delicate and soothing scent reminiscent of fresh figs blended with creamy milk undertones.
Natural Ingredients: Formulated with high-quality, natural ingredients to provide a long-lasting and authentic fragrance experience.
Elegant Packaging: Presented in an elegant spray bottle designed to complement any room decor.
Versatile: Suitable for use in various living spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and offices.
Non-Toxic: Free from harmful chemicals, making it safe for use around pets and children.

Primary Components:

Fig Extract: Provides the distinctive sweet and fruity fragrance of fresh figs.
Milk Essence: Adds a creamy and comforting undertone to the scent profile.
Natural Solvents: Help disperse the fragrance evenly when sprayed into the air.
Purified Water: Serves as the base for the formulation, ensuring the spray is lightweight and evaporates quickly.

How to Use

Shake the bottle gently to mix the ingredients.
Hold the bottle upright and aim the nozzle away from the face and body.
Press the spray nozzle to release a fine mist into the air.
Spray 2-3 times in the center of the room or towards areas where you desire to enhance the ambiance.
Allow the fragrance to disperse naturally, avoiding direct contact with surfaces.
Reapply as needed to maintain a pleasant and inviting atmosphere in your living spaces.


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