Durance Refill for Reed diffuser 250ml Mimosa in Bloom

Durance Refill for Reed diffuser 250 mL 8.4 fl.oz Mimosa in Bloom

Durance Refill for Reed diffuser 250ml Mimosa in Bloom


  • Durance Mimosa in Bloom is a fragrance that captures the essence of the mimosa flower, bringing a delightful and sunny feeling reminiscent of the south of France to any evening. The perfume is described as a captivating aroma of freshly bloomed mimosa flowers, with hints of violet, set against a warm backdrop of sandalwood and musk.
  • The Reed Diffuser Refill allows you to continually fill your Durance scented bouquets or flowers with the delightful fragrance as many times as you desire. Remember to periodically replace the reeds as they can become saturated and lose their ability to diffuse the scent.
  • This fragrance is perfect for various areas in the home such as the living room, entrance hall, kitchen, and dining room. It can be enjoyed all year round and falls under the fruity and delicious fragrance family.


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Durance Mimosa in Bloom
The mimosa flower emits a flowery & sunny wave straight from the south of France that will cheer-up any evening!

As described by the perfumer:
Mimosa in Bloom – a bewitching scent of freshly opened mimosa pompoms, with notes of violet, on a warm background of sandalwood and musk

Reed Diffuser Refill
Using the scented refill you can fill up your Durance scented bouquets or flowers as many times as you wish.

Don’t forget to replace your reeds from time to time as they will become saturated and stop diffusing.

Ideal for: Living room, Entrance Hall, Kitchen, Dining Room
Season: All Year
Fragrance Family: Fruity & Delicious