Durance Reed Diffuser Cotton Musk 225ml 7.60 fl.oz

Durance Reed diffuser Cotton Musk 225 mL 7.60 fl.oz

Durance Reed Diffuser Cotton Musk 225ml 7.60 fl.oz


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Durance Les Eternelles Cotton Musk

A sweet and soft fragrance with a dominant musky note. Sandalwood, iris and rose.
Its powdery and musky floral notes evocative of sweet moments

As Explained by our Perfumer

The cotton extract pays tribute to cotton flower, the symbol of softness and purity. It comes from India, cradle of the worlds’s cotton crop

The Durance Les Éternelles Scented bouquet

Refined and elegant, this Scented Bouquet will keep your home constantly perfumed. Delicately arranged in a glass bottle, the stylish black rattan sticks absorb the perfume and then release it gradually over many weeks.

Les Éternelles from Durance

With the Les Éternelles range, Durance takes you to the wonderful perfumed gardens of Provence and beyond, evoking real moments of emotion.