Durance Pillow Perfume 50ml Verbena


Special Ingredient: VERBENA
Made of 100% ingredients of natural origin.
Flavour: Fresh, Citrusy, Green
+/- 60 utilisations
Used on all Textiles, bed linen, pillows

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Durance Pillow Perfume 50ml Verbena

Citrusy tones that are vibrant and energizing perfectly capture the verbena’s entire freshness.

Your linen will smell fresh and citrusy thanks to the Verbena linen mist’s overtones.

Our formulation is intended specifically for use on bed linen.
Our soft scents contribute to a promising night by setting the mood.

All of the freshness of verbena is represented in the verbena perfume through vivacious and reviving citrus tones.

According to the nose:
Learn about the aroma of fresh verbena with citronella and lemon citrus undertones. The intrusiveness of recently harvested lemon verbena!

around 60 sprays



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