Durance Perfumed Handmade Candle 180 gr Orange Flower


Special Ingredient: ORANGE BLOSSOM
Made of 100% HANDMADE wax.
Flavour: Sunny, Gentle, Subtle
Let burn for at least 1 hour
Burn time: +/- 40h
Always leave at least 20 cm between burning candles.

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Durance Perfumed Handmade Candle Orange Flower. This candle, which was created by hand and painted in our workshops, will scent your home while fostering a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. The components used to create this candle were chosen with great care to provide a clean burn and lovely fragrance.

Orange Blossom: A green and gentle scent with elements of the Provence-evocative orange blossom that promotes relaxation and well-being.

By smell alone: Petitgrain essential oil, orange blossoms, and orange blossom honey are all the bitter orange’s riches for a bright and airy ambiance.

Burning time: roughly 40 hours
Entryway, corridor, bedroom, kitchen, and living room
Spring to summer
Group: floral
Ambience: Comforting and relaxed

could result in an allergic reaction.

Burn for at least one hour.

+/- 40H

Always space burning candles at least 20 cm apart.


Fragrance: Infused with the delicate scent of orange flower, offering a refreshing and uplifting ambiance.
Handmade: Crafted with precision and care, ensuring high quality and attention to detail.
Aesthetic Appeal: The candle's design enhances any space with its elegant appearance and vibrant color.
Long-lasting: Burns evenly for an extended period, providing hours of aromatic enjoyment.
Eco-friendly: Made from sustainable materials, minimizing environmental impact.

Primary Components:

Natural Wax: Provides the base for the candle, ensuring a clean and even burn.
Orange Flower Fragrance Oil: Infuses the candle with the delightful scent of orange blossoms.
Cotton Wick: Serves as the ignition source, allowing for a steady flame and consistent burn.
Glass Container: Holds the candle securely while enhancing its visual appeal.

How to Use:

Place the candle on a flat, heat-resistant surface away from drafts and flammable objects.
Trim the wick to about ¼ inch before each use to promote even burning and prevent soot buildup.
Light the candle and allow it to burn until the wax melts evenly across the surface, typically for 1-2 hours.
Extinguish the flame by gently blowing or using a snuffer to prevent wax splatter and ensure safety.
Enjoy the captivating fragrance and relaxing ambiance created by the Durance Perfumed Handmade Candle Orange Flower.


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