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Durance Liquid Marseille Soap with Poppy Extract 750 ml

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Special Ingredient: POPPY EXCTRACT
Made of 100% Ingredients of natural origin.
Formula based on vegetable oils
Flavour: Floral, Fruity, Powdery
Used as refill for MARSEILLE LIQUID SOAP

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100 in stock

Introducing Durance Liquid Marseille Soap with Poppy Extract – a luxurious and invigorating addition to your daily skincare routine. Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of this premium liquid soap crafted with care by Durance, renowned for its commitment to quality and natural ingredients.

Elevate your handwashing experience with the Durance   Marseille Soap enriched with Poppy Extract. This exquisite formula not only cleanses but also nourishes, leaving your hands feeling refreshed and delicately scented. The fragrance, inspired by the vibrant fields of blooming poppies, evokes a sense of nature’s beauty and tranquility.Read more..

Characteristics: Natural Goodness: Formulated with the essence of Poppy Extract, known for its skin-soothing properties.
Gentle Cleansing: The Marseille soap base ensures a gentle yet effective cleansing experience.
Luxurious Fragrance: Immerse yourself in the enchanting scent of poppies, creating a sensory journey with every use.
Eco-Friendly: Durance is committed to sustainability, ensuring that this liquid soap is eco-friendly and cruelty-free.
Primary Components: Poppy Extract: Known for its calming and hydrating properties, poppy extract helps maintain skin’s natural moisture balance.
Marseille Soap Base: A traditional soap base from Marseille, France, cherished for its purity and gentle cleansing abilities.
How to Use Durance Liquid Marseille Soap with Poppy Extract: Wet your hands with water.
Dispense a small amount of Durance Liquid Marseille Soap onto your palms.
Gently lather the soap, allowing the luxurious fragrance to envelop your senses.
Thoroughly wash your hands, and then rinse with water.
Pat your hands dry for soft, delicately scented skin.Indulge in the essence of nature with Durance Liquid Marseille Soap with Poppy Extract. Elevate your daily handwashing routine with a product that not only cleanses but also pampers your skin, leaving it feeling revitalized and beautifully fragranced. Experience the luxury of Durance and embrace the soothing power of poppies in every wash.

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