Durance Linen Mist 250ml Fresh Linen


Product Type: LINEN MIST
Special Ingredient: FRESH LINEN
Made of 100% ingredients of natural origin.
Flavour: Fresh, Bright, Sunny
use on household linen, even the most delicate textiles.
+ 500 uses

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Transform your living spaces into a haven of freshness with the Durance Linen Mist  Fresh Linen. This exquisite linen mist brings the crisp, clean scent of freshly laundered linens to your home, creating an inviting atmosphere that lingers in the air. Elevate your surroundings with the subtle elegance of this luxurious fragrance.

Durance Linen Mist  with its 250ml volume, offers a refreshing touch to your fabrics and living spaces. This linen mist brings the invigorating scent of freshly laundered linens into your home, creating a clean and revitalizing ambiance.

Imagine the feeling of slipping into bed between crisp, freshly washed sheets or wrapping yourself in a towel that has just been dried in the sun. That’s the sensation you can enjoy with Durance Linen Mist   Its light and airy fragrance evoke the cleanliness and purity associated with freshly laundered fabrics.

This linen mist is perfect for revitalizing linens, towels, curtains, and even upholstery, infusing them with a long-lasting freshness. With just a few spritzes, you can transform any room into a serene sanctuary, enveloped in the comforting scent of clean laundry.

Simply spray the mist onto your fabrics from a distance of about 20cm, allowing the delicate scent to settle and refresh your home. Whether you’re preparing your guest room for visitors, enhancing your daily self-care routine, or simply elevating the ambiance of your living space, Durance Linen Mist  is the perfect choice.


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