Durance Eau de parfum Sensual Monoi 50ml 1.68 fl.oz


Product Type: Eau de Parfum
Special Ingredient: SENSUAL MONOI
Flavour: Vanilla, Sensual, Exoticism
Used for: Daily perfuming / longer-lasting scent
Keep away from heat and flames.
24 months (optimal period of use)

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Durance Eau de Parfum Sensual Monoi 
– with Vanilla absolute from Madagascar

A fragrance to take you to heavenly beaches and bring you in the middle of exotic summer flowers for a sensual and heady woman.

Vanilla absolute from Madagascar, an intense fragrance to bring a smooth and yummy breath with tropical notes.

Each of our Eau de Parfum pays tribute to an exceptional plant, a woman, a desire.


Additional Information

Les Eternelles by Durance
Durance has been inspired by the wonderful scented gardens in Provence and beyond and provides emtional moments for every woman.

Our master perfumers from Grasse have selected the most precious materials with exceptional sources to create unique fragrances.

With incredible deep shades, each scent can be used with serenity & all fragrances are without CMR*

*Fragrances without substances classified as carcinogens, mutagens of substances toxic to reproduction = CMR


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