Apivita Beeswax Hand Cream 50ml

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  • Apivita Beeswax Hand Cream: Rich formula with natural beeswax.
  • Deeply moisturizes and nourishes dry hands.
  • Enriched with olive oil for smooth, supple skin.
  • Contains a blend of essential oils for a delightful fragrance.
  • Non-greasy, quick-absorbing, perfect for daily use.

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1000 in stock

Apivita Beeswax Hand Cream

Apivita Beeswax Hand Cream is a hand cream that is extremely concentrated and replenishes lost moisture to chapped or cracked hands.

This cream works wonders to improve the texture of the hands while mending cracks and minor cuts.

It is made with hypericum and beeswax, two luxuries recognized for their emollient and moisturizing powers.

Thanks to a proprietary infusion of three different species of organic Greek mountain tea, the concentrated recipe also provides antioxidant protection.

Since it is the richest hand cream in the APITIVA line, it is best for hands that frequently come into contact with detergents, physical labor, and cold weather.


Creamy in texture;
Skin conditions: skin cracks, dry and chapped hands, and early ageing;
Application frequency: whenever necessary;
Age: 10+;
All sorts of skin, even delicate skin;
Improvements to the hands are made, the skin is intensely moisturized, minor cuts and cracks are repaired, antioxidant protection is offered, it has undergone dermatological testing, and 98% of the ingredients are natural;
The formulation did not contain silicones, parabens, phthalates, or mineral oil.

Primary Components

Hypericum, often known as St. John's Wort, has moisturizing and emollient qualities. This component works very well in hand creams to heal cuts and fractures;
The soothing, emollient, and moisturizing properties of beeswax are present. Additionally, it has a significant amount of fatty acids, which combine nicely with the lipids found naturally in the skin;
Instead of simple water, this product uses a patented infusion of three distinct species of organic Greek mountain tea; this all-natural ingredient helps increase the antioxidant qualities already present in the formula due to its high content of polyphenols.

How to use

The hands should be liberally moisturized with Apivita Beeswax Hand Cream before being gently massaged. Reapply as often as necessary. Apivita Beeswax Hand Cream is the saviors for dry hands.

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