Adopt Purfume Wonderful 30ml

Adopt Wonderful

Adopt Purfume Wonderful 30ml


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Adopt Purfume Wonderful 

What gives it such a pleasant odour?

Pschitt, pschitt, pschitt The Wonderful eau de parfum, which is both comforting and luminous, spreads joy, happiness, and dreams around it, making every moment a celebration. Why does she have such a pleasant odour?
Soft and velvety notes of white peach open the fragrance, revealing the elegance of a floral heart of jasmine. A base of creamy coconut and warm sandalwood softens everything. Finally, an oriental, floral, and fruity fragrance as magical as a fairy tale!

Adopt Wonderful Aromatic notes

Top note : White peach
Heart note : Jasmine
Background notes : Sandalwood Coconut