Adopt Purfume Rose Noire 30ml

Adopt Rose Noire

Adopt Purfume Rose Noire 30ml


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Adopt Purfume Rose Noire 

Why Does it have a pleasant odour?

Allow yourself to be enchanted and rediscover the sensual notes of this eau de parfum.
It will reveal the enchanted beauty within you, carried by rose and cedar wood waves. The pungent flight of pink pepper blends with the voluptuousness of a thorny and sulphurous rose in the heart note. The intoxicating result of each audacious beauty strives to expose all the sensual and mysterious aspects of femininity. Black Rose, which was only recently released, reveals its thousand and one bewitched facets, the secrets of which only the fairies are aware.

Adopt Rose Noire Aromatic notes

The most important point : orange blood

Note from the heart : Pink

Background information : Patchouli Vanilla