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Adopt Parfum Liberty Dream 30ml x 3

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  • Captivating Fragrance: Adopt Perfume Liberty Dream is a captivating fragrance that enchants the senses with its delightful blend of floral and fruity notes.
  • Elegant and Versatile: This perfume is perfect for both casual and formal occasions, exuding an elegant aura that complements any outfit or mood.
  • Long-Lasting Scent: Liberty Dream boasts a long-lasting scent that keeps you feeling fresh and confident throughout the day, making it an ideal choice for busy individuals.
  • Top-Quality Ingredients: Crafted with precision and care, this perfume is made from top-quality ingredients, ensuring a high-quality fragrance experience.
  • Aromatic Journey: With every spritz of Adopt Perfume Liberty Dream, embark on an aromatic journey that evokes a sense of freedom and dreams, making it a must-have addition to your fragrance collection.


Out of stock

Adopt Purfume Liberty Dream 1 Free

Are you searching for a fragrance that embodies the spirit of freedom and adventure? Look no further than Adopt Purfume Liberty Dream. 

This unique fragrance is perfect for those who want to explore and experience life to the fullest.







Adopt Liberty Dream Eau De Perfume is a refreshing and invigorating fragrance perfect for those who enjoy light and airy scents. 
This fragrance features top notes of lemon and bergamot, which create a fresh and zesty aroma. 
This perfume also includes hints of pink pepper and nutmeg, adding a touch of spice and warmth to the scent. 
The result is a fragrance that is perfect for any time of year, whether relaxing at home or exploring the great outdoors.

Primary Components

The primary components of Liberty Dream Eau De Perfume are lemon, bergamot, pink pepper, and nutmeg. 
These notes are perfectly blended to create a refreshing and invigorating fragrance. 
The combination of citrus and spice creates a unique aroma that is perfect for those who want a bold and sophisticated scent.

How to Use Adopt Purfume Liberty Dream

To get the most out of your Adopt Liberty Dream Eau De Perfume, it's essential to apply it correctly. 

Begin by spraying a small amount onto your wrist or neck, then allow the fragrance to dry. 

This will give you a good idea of how the perfume will smell on your skin. 

If you enjoy the scent, you can apply it to other areas of your body, such as your chest, behind your ears, or on the inside of your elbows.

It's also important to note that Liberty Dream Eau De Perfume is a long-lasting fragrance. 

You'll only need to apply a small amount to experience its full effect, and the scent will last throughout the day. 

This makes it an excellent choice for those who want a fragrance that they can wear all day without having to reapply.

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