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Fillerina Eye Contour Cream

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Fillerina: Your Non-Invasive Solution for Youthful Skin

Fillerina has been proven to work. It reduces wrinkles and sagging. Plus, it boosts lip and cheek volume naturally. Studies in The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology found Fillerina did well. It made skin look less aged. Also, it’s non-invasive, unlike some fillers. This means a younger look without needles.Read more..

Clinically Proven to Reduce Wrinkles and Sagging

Fillerina has a mix of six to nine hyaluronic acids. This mix lessens wrinkles and sagging skin. And it boosts lip and cheek fullness. Improvement from Fillerina lasts about three months. You need to do it three to four times yearly. There are different Fillerina grades (1-5). They pick the right treatment for your skin’s needs, not how old you are.

Increases Lip and Cheek Volume Naturally

Fillerina 932 Biorevitalizing Filler Treatment has nine hyaluronic acids. It cuts down on age signs a lot. There’s also Fillerina Grade Lip Volume Roll-On and Fillerina Eyes and Eyelids. They make lips plumper and deal with eye wrinkles.

How to Use Fillerina

Fillerina’s Dermo-Cosmetic Filler Treatment comes in two parts for precision. Firstly, measure 2ml of the gel with the first syringe and put it on the needed areas. After the gel is in, use the other syringe for the nourishing film. This step keeps moisture in the skin.

Two-Step Treatment: Replenishing Gel and Nourishing Film

The two-step treatment includes the gel and the film.1 The gel fills out the skin while the film locks in moisture. These make the skin look and feel better.

Precise Application with Specialised Applicators

Fillerina includes special tools for exact application. The syringes help measure the right amount, spreading it evenly. This ensures best use on the skin.

Fillerina Grade System

Fillerina delivers a unique solution for your skin. It matches with your skin’s particular needs and your age. You can choose from five different grades (1-5). Each grade is aimed at different skin concerns. These go from early signs of ageing to deep wrinkles and loss of volume.

Tailored to Your Skin’s Condition and Age

Fillerina stands out from other anti-ageing solutions. It looks at your skin’s condition, not just your age. So, you can pick a Fillerina treatment that really suits you. This way, you get the best results and your skin looks more youthful.

From Initial Signs to Deep Wrinkles and Volume Loss

Grade 1 of Fillerina focuses on the first signs of aging. It is great for wrinkles and sagging near the cheeks and lips. With higher grades, the focus shifts to more advanced aging signs. These include fine to deep wrinkles, sagging, and loss of volume.

Fillerina’s system is designed to help you specifically. It aims to solve your skin concerns. With it, you can achieve a radiant, youthful look.

Fillerina Product Range

Besides the famous Dermo-Cosmetic Filler Treatment, Fillerina offers many other solutions for various skin problems. The 932 Biorevitalizing Filler Treatment specifically fights wrinkles and loss of volume. It uses a mix of nine kinds of hyaluronic acid1. Fillerina also has products made for certain areas. For lips, there’s the Grade Lip Volume Roll On. And for eyes and eyelids, there’s a special treatment to target crow’s feet and sagging1.

Intensive Filler Treatment for Face

The 932 Biorevitalizing Filler Treatment is a two-week intense treatment. It has a special blend of hyaluronic acids to make skin look younger. Studies have proven it can really cut down on wrinkles and sagging. Plus, it can make lips and cheeks look fuller.

Targeted Solutions for Specific Areas

Fillerina doesn’t stop at the Filler Treatment. It also has products just for some areas that need extra help. The Lip Volume Roll On is perfect for fuller lips. You can use it many times a day. The Eyes and Eyelids treatment is full of hyaluronic acid and collagen. It works on deep wrinkles around the eyes and makes them look less tired. It also helps with eye-hollows.

Benefits of Fillerina

Fillerina is a great option if you don’t want injectable fillers. It offers plumping and volumising effects like traditional fillers but without injections. Its special blend of hyaluronic acids, collagen, and elastin boost your skin’s appearance. This makes your skin look younger, fuller, and more radiant. Plus, Fillerina is known to be safe and gradually improve your skin over time.

Non-Invasive Alternative to Injectable Fillers

Fillerina stands out because you don’t need to get injections. Its mix of six to nine hyaluronic acids works very deeply, providing plumping effects without the hassle. You get the benefits of traditional fillers but skip the needles.

Improves Skin Density, Elasticity, and Hydration

With Fillerina, you’ll see your skin’s density, elasticity, and hydration improve. This makes your skin look younger and more glowing. Fillerina helps your skin rebuild important materials like collagen and fibronectin.

Incorporating Fillerina into Your Routine

Fillerina is an intensive 14-day treatment with noticeable effects. Choosing the right grade is key. The results can last about three months.

To keep the benefits going, daily Fillerina skincare products work well. These include the Day Cream Treatment, 12 Densifying-Filler Night Cream, and the Eye Contour Cream. Using these products helps keep your skin plump and healthy after the initial treatment phase.

Intensive 14-Day Treatment for Optimal Results

The 14-day Fillerina treatment is designed for the best results. It includes a special gel and film that nourish the skin. With six to nine different hyaluronic acids, your skin gets more volume and feels full, but without surgery.

Maintain with Daily Fillerina Skincare Products

To keep the results from the 14-day treatment, use Fillerina products each day. These include creams for daytime, nighttime, and around the eyes and lips. They help your skin keep looking refreshed and young.


Fillerina is a new way to get younger-looking skin without surgery. It uses hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin to make your skin plump and radiant. This happens without any needles. It’s safe and works well, meaning you can have beautiful skin at home.

Fillerina does what fillers do but without injecting anything. It has a mix of many hyaluronic acids that go deep into the skin, giving great results. This is a great option for fighting ageing signs without surgery.

Fillerina fits any need, from the first signs of ageing to more advanced changes. This special system helps you choose the right treatment for your skin. It means you can look younger without risky surgeries.


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