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  • Mustela Baby Oil 100ml

Mustela Baby Oil 100ml

  • £8.95

Soothing Effect: Baby Oilis massage oil that moisturized and soothes baby and child. This pleasure care designed for the massage contributes to the well-being of the baby and child.

Babies out of NICU: Our product has proven efficacy for new born babies and children and is safe for use.

Pleasurable to Use: It is a Dry oil for an easy massage and leaves a protective film on newbornbaby and child's skin.Its oil texture penetrates quickly while facilitating the massage.And is also leaves a unique scent on the skin.

Proven by Science: 98% of scientists agree that this productleaves the baby and child's skin moisturized and soft.

Clinically Tested: Clinical tests have beenconducted under dermatological, paediatric and midwife control on 42 children, including infants under 3 months, over 4 weeks (self-assessment).

How to use: Spray this moisturizing oil for baby and child onto your hands then massage the body.


Spritz this moisturising oil onto your hands then massage over the body until absorbed.

  • Mustela Baby Oil 100ml

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Dedicated to nurturing your baby and the world they find themselves in... Experts in babies' skincare for almost 70 years, we pride ourselves in carrying out up to date research on our never-ending journey to creating the best possible care products, whilst always championing ingredients of natural origin. Working to protect the environment and planet has and will always be a top priority for us, consciously coinciding with our values as a home-grown family business company designing and producing its merchandise with love and care in France.

Mustela has been dedicated to ongoing research in dermatology, in order to deliver superior skincare for both mother and child that tackle the most dominant skincare issues head-on. With widespread availability in more than 84 countries around the world, Mustela is proud to be a leading expert in baby care, with one product being sold every second worldwide.

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