• Gilbert Physiodose Nasal Aspirator

Gilbert Physiodose Nasal Aspirator

  • £9.99

The Physiodose baby nasal aspirator is ideal to blow your baby's nose and effectively declutter his nose.
The shape and texture of the noozle ensure maximum comfort for your baby. The baby nasal aspirator filter has a
strip and can therefore be easily changed without getting your hands dirty.
Physiodose filtration technology provides powerful blowing due to its high suction capacity. The mucus is sucked gently and is stored in the reservoir without turning back toward the nose of your baby.


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Laboratoires Gilbert has its roots in 1904 in France, when pharmacist/botanist, Alexandre Gilbert, came up with the idea to create the cut-to-size Feuille de Saule plaster. This adored legacy has been passed down through 3 generations.

Today, his son Cedric sits at the helm, and the unwavering intentions to ensure the continued growth of the laboratory both in France and on the international stage remains.

With its strong ability to constantly innovate its products, the trailblazing industrial tools and techniques, as well as the constant rise in internationalisation continue to be additional assets of the company, guaranteeing a bright future for Laboratoires Gilbert.  

A good nasal hygiene routine is important to implement into daily life from a young age – as important as dental and personal hygiene yet tends to be overlooked by many. Physiodose offers a wide variety of products that are expertly tailored for optimum nasal hygiene in both babies and adults. 

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