You Won’t Believe What Physiological Saline Solution Can Do!

Most of us are familiar with saline solution as something they give after operations. However, what you may not know is how versatile this combination of salt and water really is. It truly is incredible. So, without further ado, let’s check out what physiological saline solution can be used for.

  • Nasal Drops
  • Ear Hygiene
  • Eye Drops
  • Wound cleanser

We will be taking a look at these different uses in detail. Read on!

As Nasal Drops

Physiological saline solutions make for an excellent remedy when it comes to alleviating nasal congestion caused by the flue, colds or even allergies. If that wasn’t impressive enough, these solutions are gentle enough to be usable by children of all ages. The saline causes contraction in the blood vessels present in the nose while diluting mucus. It also reduces swelling in the region of the sinus.

benefits of physiological saline solutions as nasal drops

If you are looking to use this solution for your children, you can consider products like Physiodose Saline Solution. If you are wondering how to give this saline solution to a baby, simply check out the following procedure.

  • Start by properly washing your hands with soap and water. Prep the saline pod for delivery.
  • Cradle your baby on your non-dominant arm. You can use an armrest to support your arm and baby which makes the process a lot easier.
  • Check if your baby’s nose has been completely blocked by congestion. If so, you’ll need a nasal suction bulb for getting rid of the excess mucus.
  • Now, position the pod or dropper just outside the nasal opening. You must take care not to let it touch the nose.
  • Gently squeeze the pod for administering the solution. For the dosage, consult with your doctor beforehand.
  • Hold the baby for around 5 minutes in the same position. This will give it enough time for the solution to follow into the nasal passage.
  • Now, your baby may start to cough. If this happens, let him/her to sit up. This will calm them.

Similar processes can be applied in the case of older children without any issue. Maintaining proper hygiene is essential when dealing with this solution and babies. As such, you must never share the same pod among people.

As Nasal Wash

In a similar fashion to the previous point, a physiological saline solution can make a great choice as a nasal wash. The saline solution can easily get rid of mucus, allergens and other debris, leading to better nasal hygiene.  You can also get relief from a stuffy nose while reducing your risks for sinus infections.

For the Eyes

benefits of physiological saline solutions for eyes

That’s right! You can employ physiological saline solutions for taking care of your eyes. With Physiodose Saline Solution, you can easily clean your eyes of any grime and dirt in an emergency. You can also use it for rinsing out your contact lens before you wear them again. Maintaining proper ocular hygiene can go a long way in keeping your eyes safe and healthy. Moreover, a saline solution is better than tap water for this purpose. To use, simply put a couple of drops on the eye. If it stings, rinse immediately with regular water.

For the Ears

As you may already know, the ears tend to produce earwax for protecting the eardrums. Earwax traps dirt, grime and other foreign contaminants that can end up damaging the eardrums. Now, the body does naturally get rid of earwax. However, it helps to have a proper ear care routine to pick up the slack. With a physiological saline solution, you can easily take care of this. You just need to use a few drops of the solution like any other ear drop products.

For Cleaning Wounds

benefits of physiological saline solutions for cleaning wounds

While wounds are painful, they can become all the more troublesome if proper care is not taken immediately. A physiological saline solution can be a good choice for washing out cuts and wounds as long as they are not severe. The solution can wash away the bacteria and foreign material which ends up reducing the chances of contracting an infection. Don’t worry about the solution hurting you. The saline solution is not going to burn or even sting the wound. By washing away foreign contaminants, the solution can prep your wound for first aid dressing. Of course, depending on the severity and condition of the wound, you may want to visit a doctor. Remember that this solution is not a replacement for first aid, especially in severe cases.

For Piercings

Surprised? You read that right. A physiological saline solution makes an excellent choice for new piercings. It is going to promote healing in the region where you got a piercing while minimising the risk of infections. The saline can get rid of dead cells, dirt and other debris which can cause irritations and even result in bumps and crustiness. For the best results, you should apply the solution two times in a day for a couple of days.

Why Choose Physiodose Saline Solution?

Now, you might be wondering why we prefer Physiodose when it comes to using a physiological saline solution. The reason is quite simple really. It is incredibly versatile. This product is safe for use by not only adults but also infants and children. As a result, the whole family can use it and derive the many benefits it offers. Additionally, the conveniently shaped pods make it easier to apply drops and saline whenever required. It is especially useful when you need to give saline to an infant. Moreover, it can be used in all the cases that we have just seen. All of that makes the Physiodose Saline Solution worthwhile.

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