The Life-Changing Truth about Permanent Lip Injections

Lip fillers
There is absolutely no denying – lip filler lovers are living their moments. Want to know why it is so? We will tell you everything about lip fillers that would change your life forever!

What are lip fillers?

Lip fillers are, basically, lip injections meant to make lips look naturally bigger. If nothing but naturally looking fuller lips are what you covet, this lip augmentation process is the convenient one to go for. A majority of lip fillers uses Hyaluronic Acid; a component naturally found in our bodies and is known to have moisturizing and plumping properties.

Lip fillers are usually a gel-like substance injected in the skin of lips. The consistency of filler determines the results achieved. The depth of injection is also a valuable factor here. Fillers can be injected using various ways.

Over 50% of women in the UK aged between 18-30 consider getting their lip injected. Almost over 1 million women are going to have undergone a non-surgical treatment, Botox or Fillers.

Basic things you need to know about lip fillers

  • The permanency of lip fillers vary person to person and typically lasts for 9 to 10 months
  • Lip augmentation takes time to show results and it requires at least 1 week after your lips undergo the procedure
  • Lip augmentation process is NOT much painful because a topical numbing cream is applied to the lips before the injection

What are the different types of lip fillers?

Lip fillers! For the craze of getting fuller lips, you can thank celebrities like Kylie Jenner. The obsession of fuller lips has taken over, literally, everyone, making it a never-ending trend in the beauty industry worldwide.

So, are you the one with that obsession in mind and ready to take the plunge? If YES, then you must know the different types of lip fillers and which would be the one to go for.

Restylane, Juvéderm Volbella, Juvéderm Ultra XC: are to name a few fillers that are widely popular and most commonly used as good lip fillers.

Let us have a detailed look at them:

  1. Restylane

According to a famous surgeon, Dr. Prager, Restylane is a type of lip injection that uses Hyaluronic Acid (HA) to boost the volume of lips. As mentioned earlier, HA naturally occurs in our body but gets scarce as we age.

  • How it works: Dr. Esho says that HA consists of N-acetyl-D-glucosamine disaccharide and D-glucuronic acid that are known to improve the elasticity of cells, give a lift to lips’ volume and help retain moisture, as it is believed to have a heavy affinity for water. The high viscosity of HA contributes to shape and definition of the lips too.

Because HA exhibits features of ‘cross-linking’ (it is a process of Hyaluronic Acid formation), this makes HA fillers to uphold the outcomes of filling for years to come.

Experts agree with the fact that dermal fillers have to have a cross-linking feature so that it makes it difficult for free radicals to warn off the results immediately.

  1. Juvéderm Volbella

Juvéderm Volbella is another coveted lip filler that uses a very little concentration of HA. That means, if you are after fuller lips but also love to have a little natural finish to the lips, then this dermal filler would be the best choice to take.

Now coming to the longevity part, just because Juvéderm Volbella uses a little amount of HA, does not mean that the results will last you for a short while.

  • How it works: With the Vycross technology, Juvéderm Volbella lip filler can produce results that are long-lasting. The technology used by this lip filler lets it mix various lengths of Hyaluronic Acid chains to increase its stability.

If you love fuller lips and live by the idea of ‘natural’, then this is lip filler is going to blow your mind with its long-lasting results. Not to mention the youthful-looking, radiant and translucent lips that would leave you in a complete ‘awe’!

  1. Juvéderm Ultra XC

Juvéderm Ultra XC is one of the permanent lip injections that again uses a comparatively higher concentration of Hyaluronic Acid (as compared to Juvéderm Volbella and Restylane). “As the G prime is lower than the other two lip fillers, it makes it easier for this particular lip injection to create an appearance of naturally softer looking lips”, says Dr. Prager, “not only this, the spread of the filler is evenly distributed all across the lips horizontally”, he adds.

  • How it works: The percentage of cross-linking chains in this filler is higher and the Hylacross technology used by this filler, it gives you the desired fullness with a natural finish.

What is Hyaluronic Acid filler?

These are the types of fillers that are used to inject into the desired area to add volume and improve the shape as well. Hyaluronic Acid fillers are often used to give a plumping effect to the lips without irritating the lips, giving it a supple and voluminous effect.

Hyaluronic Acid fillers benefits

  1. Hyaluronic Acid fillers are so gentle that keep your lips soft and supple without having your lips over volumizing
  2. Not only do your lips look fuller but it also triggers tissue regeneration that does not let your lips lose the plumpness later
  3. They stimulate the natural production of collagen that retains youthfulness to your lips
  4. They help the skin revitalize itself and make it look youthful and radiant

Are lip fillers safe to use?

As lip augmentation is an aesthetic treatment, chances of something going wrong you cannot rule out. This is the reason why you should be extra careful and mindful of the practitioner you are thinking of getting your procedure done with. It is also important to check out the product your lips are going to be injected with.

What are good lip fillers?

Now, this is the tricky question to answer. Here is the thing, as it is all about a personal choice to make; after all, you are the one with certain requirements and concerns regarding what dermal filler to choose according to your lip goals.

The decision is totally up to you and all we can suggest you is to research and opt for the right surgeon to get what you want.


Not sure of having your lips injected? There is an alternate, girls! There are tons of lip plumping products in the market that you could opt for, in case you are not ready for injections.

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Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs

  1. What is the best type of filler to use?

There are numerous kinds of lip fillers available on the market. Brands like Juvederm is one of the favorites of many girls. The Juvederm range has so many different types of fillers that come with different properties. Juvederm Volbella, for example, is to achieve subtle natural-looking plump lips; on the other hand, Juvederm Volift is for highly noticeable lip enhancement (still natural).

  1. How much lip filler is needed for lip enhancement?

As simplest as the fact is, lip augmentation is not something that one can achieve overnight. However, very few seem to realize this simple truth.

Now coming to how much filler is needed, it varies from person to person. In case you have not been blessed with plump lips, and wish to achieve fuller lips with a natural finish, it would cost you a few sessions and of course a pretty penny.

  1. Do lip fillers hurt?

It depends. Both on who is carrying out the procedure and on whom the procedure is carried out. There is no direct answer to it. Most professionals use numbing creams/gels to make the pain hurt less.

  1. Do they last? If yes then for how long?

To answer this, let us put it this way – whether lip fillers last or not it depends on the substance you are injecting into the lips. It also depends on the age of the person undergoing the procedure. On average, most lip fillers (good quality) last for at least up to 6 to 9 months. If you want to keep the desired size, you can always re-touch up.

  1. How much time do lip fillers take to show result?

To answer this in one word, ‘instantly’. As soon as you are done with the procedure, you will continue to notice the change and in next 24 hours, your lips will settle into your desired size and you will get to see the final result.

  1. Is there any chance of lip fillers going wrong?

These days, instead of collagen fillers, most doctors have switched to Hyaluronic Acid fillers because of their staying capacity and natural finish. There is a little chance that lip fillers could go wrong. But normally, it would not happen if you are going for the right substance and surgeon.

Some final thoughts; Risks of lip fillers

Most people often think of lip fillers with no risk at all. However, this is not the case. Although the popularity of lip augmentation is raising the bar these days and seemingly the trend is not going to end anytime soon. But that does not necessarily have to mean that there is no risk or side effects. There is always a possibility of an allergic reaction that in some cases could lead to an infection. So, if you have any sort of allergy (especially cold sores), make sure you take proper medication before having your lips injected.

We hope you have found this article helpful in your quest to seeking information about lip fillers. If you have anything to share with us, please feel free to let us know in the comment section! We would be happy to hear from you. 

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