Here Is Your Beauty Product Checklist When You Are Planning For Your Next Holiday

Packing for holidays is no less than a nightmare. When it comes to packing your beauty products, things get even messier, because you know they are, sometimes, heavy, they even tend to leak. And the worst part? They also come under the “100-ml liquid rule” for your hand luggage.

Not a single day can pass without these beauty skin care essentials. This is the reason why you got to learn a thing or two about efficiently packing your beauty essentials.

When your main goal is to reduce the amount of liquid, here are some tips on what to pack in your travel bag and what to leave.

So, let us dig deeper:

Travel essentials to pack:

  • Skincare
  • First things first: Sunscreens come first on the list

While traveling, do not underestimate your skin. Packing these products will help you protect your skin.

Packing your beauty products means carrying your favorite sunscreen no matter what destination you are traveling. You may not find the one that you usually use, in some European countries. So why take the risk? You can simply pack Filorga’s UV bronze Visage Face Cream 50+.

  • Cleansers and makeup removers are your best friend

For some, cleansing their face is like an obsession and they cannot think a single thing without cleansers. Carrying a travel size bottle of cleanser and makeup remover is a way to go. And do not forget to pack some cotton pads as well.

You can opt for the Filorga Foam Cleanser that helps you gently remove dirt from the skin. If you have sensitive skin, simply go for Uriage Thermal Micellar Water.

  • Moisturizers are the lifesaver

When traveling, your skin tends to dry off soon. Missing out on your favorite moisturizer would be a loss. If your skin is oily in warm weather, and dry in cold, no matter what the weather it is, always use a moisturizer.

  • Makeup

Now it is time for makeup! Packing your makeup products is not about drawing everything into the list. It would be best if you know exactly what product to carry with you and what not to.

If you are a makeup junkie, make sure you bring all your favorite lipsticks with you. Do not forget your go-to foundation, blush, mascara, setting powder, eyeliner.

  • Haircare

Yeah, we know, there are some hotels that provide shampoos and conditioners too, however, those are not something that you are accustomed to using, or may not even suit your preference or type. Always take your own set of shampoo and conditioner that you normally use.

Let us suggest you a little tip here. When you are in your holidays, obviously, you may go short on time and all you could take your time out for is traveling and roaming quite a lot. This can break your hair care schedule, ultimately making your hair dull and frizzy.

Good news is a dry shampoo can come at your rescue. Dry shampoos are easy to carry because they come in a travel-friendly packaging. Try out this amazing Dry Shampoo from Rausch that you can easily add to hair care routine when you are on the go.

Dry shampoos are meant to apply on the hair without getting your hair dry to soak up excess dirt and grease from your tresses. These are the great alternative to shampoos, and are the best choice when you run short for time and shampooing is not a practical choice to make.

  • Eye care

Many women out there have underestimated the most delicate part of their face and felt reluctant to take care of their eyes in their early 20s. However, this should not be the case!

Even when you are traveling, do not forget to care for your eyes. Fillerina Eye & Lips Contour Cream is great at moisturizing and exfoliating the areas around the eyes.

You can also opt for Fillerina Eyes and Eyelids that acts as an anti-aging eye lifting treatment.

Now that you know what beauty products you need to carry, this is time to talk about some important beauty stuff. Like it can be a nail file or a nail remover it is, you ought to carry these while traveling.

When you are done with listing your products, make sure to categorize them into different shopping bags and separate them from your main luggage to rest assure of any kind of spillage.

Happy traveling!

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