On Your Way to Healthy and Fuller Lips: Winter Lip Care Tips

There is hardly anyone who loves dry, chapped lips, a common problem during winter. Winter puts our skin through quite a lot of situations that we cannot really avoid. It is more of an embarrassment for many of us, having flakey lips, in worst cases; they might turn out to be pretty painful.

Dry lips are the result of a careless attitude towards lip care. Most girls often fail to get their desired look as they do very little to take care of it.

There lies a hidden beauty under a lustrous set of lips

However, there are barely any problems that come with no solution and so is it for dry lips. A good lip care routine can be a lifesaver for girls who fancy a super soft pout throughout the year. Just some simple steps to follow and there you go! Want to know what are those? We are sure you do. Well, give it a read to know how it works to get you what you want.

Exfoliation is a MUST

There are several different ways you can exfoliate your lips to get rid of dead skin cells in and around the lips. Be it a lip exfoliator, a DIY lip scrub or even an unused toothbrush can help you out.

Please note: Though regular exfoliation is recommended, do not be harsh on your lips while using a toothbrush or so, it can cause cuts and scrapes.

Say YES to hydration

And here comes the most important part of your regular lip care routine. Applying lip balm might be a no-brainer, yet it has its own charm on lips. Keeping a lip balm always handy and applying it very often cannot cost you an arm and a leg.

Please note: If your budget constraint makes it difficult to spend a lot of bucks on your lip care products, just bunk it. You can even opt for a lip savior like Vaseline. Not only is it inexpensive but also it does a wonderful job to bring that ‘wow’ factor.

Believe in giving your lips an extra layer of PROTECTION

This is the last thing but practically not the least – yes you got it right, during winter all your lips need is protection. Did you know that your lip skin has a very little amount of pigment, making it vulnerable to the sun rays? Practically, what can you do to prevent your lip skin from damage? Well, that is no big as rocket science and will hardly take a few minutes of your time to care for your lips. Just like the way you take care of your facial skin, be mindful to your lips too. Even during winter, your lip skin is not safe as the harmful UV rays can still damage the properties of oil glands present in your lips.

Please note: All you need to do is search for a lip balm, having sun protection properties in it. This will not only help keep your lips moisturised but also combat premature ageing of your lip skin.

Pump the volume up

Fuller lips are off the charts in the era of Instagram and Snapchat. Girls are becoming obsessed with owning plumper lips. But nothing harm in aspiring to have fuller lips, unless you take proper care to your lips and choose the appropriate lip care plumper. A good lip care plumper benefits you in many ways from repairing your cracked lips to restoring the volume of your lip.

Please note: Avoiding some bad habits like smoking, lip-licking has a positive impact on your lips.

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