Everything You Want To Know About Facial Cleansers

Nothing but a good cleanse can do the trick for your skincare regime. Your hectic day at work calls for a good and deep cleanse of your skin. Be it a cleanser, exfoliator or micellar water, it does not matter what you choose to cleanse your skin. What matters is how you treat your skin when it comes to cleansing your skin.

Did you know that your quest for having the clearest skin asks for cleansing your face more than once? Not even twice, believe it or not!

No, we are not saying so; this is what skincare experts believe and recommend these days. Yes, triple cleansing is the new secret of glowing skin. Now you must be wondering what is ‘triple cleansing’. Let’s not make you confused with this. We are going to tell you how your skin can benefit from triple cleansing and how you should do it.

With skincare and makeup products getting longer lasting and heavier day by day, you are not left with many choices but triple cleansing. This is what that best ensures that your skin is fresh.

As we all know, cleansing our face is the most essential part of our daily skincare routine and you do not want to miss it, right? From the time you wake up in the morning to going off for bed at night, it is important for your skin to get rid of those unwanted dead skin cells to get glowing.

When you cleanse your face at night, it helps remove those impurities along with the residues of your makeup. And if you triple cleanse your skin throughout the day, you are making everything easier for your skin to be cleansed, hydrated and rebalanced.

If your skin has started to become too dull these days, you can blame the pollution that is hindering your skin to get what it needs. To keep things in control, it is up to you that you take a great deal of care of the skin. And triple cleansing, we bet will help you in this.

Once you realize how important it is for your skin to increase the regularity of cleansing it, your skin will continue to glow.

A purifying cleanser goes a long way if you are cleansing your skin thrice all day long. it not only does demise the impurities of your skin but also get it closer to naturally looking radiant skin.

Tips to remember:

#1 Removing your makeup is a must before you go off to bed. What if we told you that oil-based products are the ones to remove the makeup? Cleansing oils, in this case, work best. And when it comes to removing eye makeup, micellar water is the just the right thing to look for.

Why use oil-based products to remove makeup?

Oil based products are greasy, and ideal for removing especially makeup. They can attach themselves to the makeup, sebum, and dirt right after you apply it on the skin, removing them off from your face.

#2 When you are done with makeup removal, you can consider using a wet towel with mildly warm water helps you remove the dirt thoroughly.

#3 Cleansing your skin does not necessarily mean that you have to use heavy duty cleansers, rather you can feel free to depend on nourishing cleansers. That means you want to seek soothing formula that is ideal for the type of your skin.

#4 Ensuring your make up is removed thoroughly is the last step that you cannot afford to miss. So, before you go to bed, make sure that every last bit of makeup is removed from your face.

In this article, we will navigate you through the range of the best cleansers to help you get the right pick for your skin. Without further ado, let’s get started.

  1. Filorga Optim Eyes Lotion:

Filorga Optim Eyes Lotion

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Having a tri-phase lotion formula, Filorga Optim Eyes lotion is the perfect solution for cleansing your face instantly, removing every last scrap of makeup around eyes and face. It works great even if you are wearing strong waterproof mascara. The best part of this oil-based cleanser is that this lotion takes care of your fatigue eyes well.

  1. Lixir Electrogel Cleanser:

Lixir Electrogel Cleanser

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Thanks to its electrogel formula, this cleanser can attract and pull out the dirt and makeup residue from the skin. When you apply it on the skin, it feels warm and magnetic in a comfortable way, of course. In a nutshell, this is a very good cleanser that deep cleanses and does not cause blemishes at all.

  1. Uriage Cleansing Foam:

Uriage Cleansing Foam

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With Uriage cleansing foam, you are in luck as it gently removes not only the makeup you wore but also the dirt. The foam-like formula does not leave any dry feeling on the skin and keeps the natural look intact. It uses the goodness of Azores pomegranate extract and Uriage thermal water to bless you with gentle and clear skin.

  1. Rodin facial cleansing powder:

Rodin facial cleansing powder

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As this is a powder cleanser, you need to add some water to get a granulated texture. This easy-to-apply cleansing powder leaves you in awe; your skin will feel so lightweight and refreshed from the inside. Thanks to the rice bran extract, it gets you the most nourished skin ever.

  1. Uriage Extra Rich Dermo Foaming Cleansing Gel:

Uriage Extra Rich Dermo Foaming Cleansing Gel

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This extra gentle soap-free foaming cleansing gel helps you instantly get rid of impurities without causing irritation to your skin.

These are our top picks of the best cleansers cum makeup removers that you could consider splurging money on. Hopefully, you have found your “the one”.

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