A Roundup of Our Experts’ Favorite Night Creams for Oily Skin

Dealing with oily skin seems like a minefield. Most women still think that having oily skin does not require slathering any sorts of moisturizer and that’s where they go wrong. The best way to reduce the oiliness in the skin is making sure that it is well-hydrated. Because, at its best condition, your skin is more likely to create less oil than it could have if it was dehydrated or hydrated.

Still thinking to skip that important part of your night care routine? We bet you do not. Let us dig a little deeper. A night cream is best for your oily skin too because it does help your skin to avoid producing oil, which eventually leads your skin to develop clogged pores, acne and what not.

Naturally, your body is able to produce Hyaluronic Acid but as you age, the amount gets decreased. If you are serious enough to take care of your oily skin, then nothing but a night cream is a must-have. A night cream that contains Hyaluronic Acid, antioxidants and humectants that work to plump your skin.

Humectants like glycerin, Niacinamide, urea draw water into the skin to strengthen your skin’s natural barrier against environmental irritants.

Your anti-aging night cream should also contain Vitamin E and C (antioxidants) to keep your skin from developing signs of aging. Antioxidants intend to neutralize free radicals which are responsible for damaging elastin, DNA, and collagen.

And retinol is another important anti-aging ingredient that your night cream must have, because it is known to speed up the process of cellular repair, making your skin even firmer and discoloration-free.

We have put together a list of the best night creams for oily skin that you can count on. Without further ado, let us start with that.

  1. Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins Mineral Enriched Oil Free Renewal Cream

Straggling with your excessively oily skin? You ought to try out Origin’s oil-free night cream that is specially formulated to suit your oily skin. Yes, it contains antioxidants like Vitamin E, C, & H that work to replenish your skin giving it the ultimate moisture at once. You will be left in absolute awe of the goodness of neroli scent, vanilla, and valerian that in no time will take you to the world of sleep.

High Potency Night A Mins Mineral

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  1. Filorga Skin Absolute Night

And you are wondering that is why we chose this jet-black one to put on this list, let us tell you why. First thing is that this cream is loaded with the hero anti-aging ingredient, retinol, next is Vitamin C obviously. As you know that these ingredients encourage the formation of collagen, by going deep into the skin to bring back the radiance. Speaking of the black color, the cream glides and goes off as soon as you rub it on the skin. Try it out ladies, it’s freakin’ awesome.

Filorga Skin Absolute Night

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  1. Living Nature Sensitive Night Moisture

Annoyed with how your skin looks after you wake up in the morning? You can try a gentle night cream that is packed with everything natural, from virgin coconut oil to avocado oil and harakeke flax extract. The cream is enough to bring back the natural pH balance when you snooze, blessing you with a moisturized, toxin-free skin every morning. The anti-inflammatory ingredients are ideal for water retention in your skin to keep it hydrated all day long.

Clarins Multi-Active Night Cream

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  1. Fillerina Night Cream grade 3

Want to try a unique anti-aging night cream for your oily skin? this revolutionary night cream is formulated to act on deep-set wrinkles and fine lines. It also corrects the uneven skin tone and sagginess around your lips and cheeks, thanks to the peptides and Hyaluronic Acid.

Fillerina Night Cream grade 3

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  1. Dr. David Jack Good Night Active Night Cream

Don’t you want a night cream that is jam-packed with all skin-repairing ingredients? Dr. David jack active night cream is more like a serum that uses Vitamin A to help renew your skin cell when you are asleep. Are you going to try this to know the difference?

Dr. David Jack Good Night Active Night Cream

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  1. Caudalíe Reservatrol Lift Night Infusion Cream

Your oily skin needs moisture and hydration too. With Caudalíe Reservatrol Lift Night Infusion Cream, your skin will no longer be dull due to lack of youthfulness. It will help you turn back the aging clock, repairing the skin inside out, thanks to the Reservatrol, which is proven to banish wrinkles.

Caudalíe Reservatrol Lift Night Infusion Cream

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  1. Vichy Normaderm Daily Care Night Chrono-Active Anti-Imperfection Care Night Cream

We understand it’s quite difficult dealing with oily skin and found you out an amazing night cream designed especially for oily skin that controls and balance oil secretion in your skin.

VICHY Normaderm Night

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  1. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Want to be the one to try this award-winning night mask? Yes, it has got the best beauty award because of its wonderful nature of revitalizing the skin overnight. The formula it uses is dermatologist tested that gets you rid of fine lines and any other signs of aging. The peaceful aroma of sandalwood, rose and orange flower is something your skin loves indulging in.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

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  1. Kate Somerville Retasphere 2-In-1 Retinol Night Cream

This night cream is very gentle on your skin and designed to keep your skin firm and youthful. The secret anti-aging ingredient of this night cream is nothing but retinol, able to deeply penetrate its way through your skin to work against the aging process while nourishing your skin.


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  1. Fresh’s Fresh black tea firming overnight mask

Your night care treatment is not complete without this anti-aging leave-on-mask. The night cream uses blackberry leaf extract and fermented black tea, purifies and neutralizes those free radicals in your skin to prevent aging signs to appear.

Fresh’s Fresh black tea firming overnight mask

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  1. Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream

Up for a night cream that has seaweed in it? Yes, Mario Seaweed night cream is specially formulated to suit your oily skin and does all the legwork when you sleep. Like the sodium hyaluronate molecules and bladderwrack seaweed keeps moisturization in your sin intact. The minerals and seaweed extract provides ultimate nourishment that your skin deserves to be healthy.

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Final words

Your oily skin might convince you into skipping using night creams before you are off to bed, believe it or not, they are as important as like breathing. With umpteen number of night creams for oily skin available on the market, all we wanted was to save you from never-ending periods of searching and all by feeding you with some of our beauty editors best picks. We hope that was helpful.

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